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How I Coped When My Husband Moved Out

There are no regrets in life. Just lessons. -Jennifer Aniston

The day after Dorian turned 2, my husband left us. As he pulled out of the driveway I realized his car was completely full. I stood there in complete shock. I knew things weren't great but seriously. I'm thinking, "Wtf. Did this just happen to me?! What am I suppose to do now?"

Some people turn to alcohol, drugs, sex or binge eating. I chose to get a puppy. Insane, right?! I had put my beloved dog down almost a year ago and felt like getting a puppy for Dorian's birthday would help to fill this gaping hole that was just created with his father's departure.

I went to Maine Lab Rescue event at Tractor Supply and met a bunch of puppies. As soon as we met Chloe, we knew she was the girl for us.

It was quite an adventure! Dorian was at the stage of life where he could take his diaper off and loved running around with his bottom hanging out. I'd come into a room to find a puddle of pee and when I asked him if he had an accident, he always blamed Chloe. We went through a lot of paper towel and cleaning products for awhile!

I'll be honest, I didn't really know what I was thinking when I brought a puppy into the chaos that was unfolding. After 6 months, it became clear I could not handle a puppy on top of being new to this whole full time "single mom" thing. I was also trying to navigate running two restaurants and overseeing investment properties, which I owned with my estranged husband, lovely right?!.

Thankfully, my sister, who had a yellow lab that got along with Chloe offered to take her. It was such an easy transition for all involved. We still get to see her frequently and Chloe not only got a doggie playmate 24/7, she got the attention she deserved.

Takeaway: When life hits you with something like this, don't make life changing decisions immediately. Just don't! Take your time to catch your breath.

I wish I had filled my personal inventory at this point but that epiphany didn't come until later.

Please acknowledge the haze of loss and confusion that is occurring and find some clarity before making major decision. As moms, we want to protect your child from pain but learn from me and don't buy a puppy! The intention was good and I felt like a super mom for a minute but it wore off and I'm thankful my sister saw that and stepped up!

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