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You want inspiration?  Watch your kids!

Dorian, who recently turned 5, has started his third year of hockey! He’s officially a Mini Mite, which means we have hockey practice twice a week and games on the weekend. It’s an intense schedule for someone who is working 50+ hours a week to break away early from work early. I’ll be honest, as a single mom it’s really hard handling schedules to allow Dorian to play hockey, but watching him on the ice makes it all worth it.

After hockey we’re in the car on the way home when I congratulate him on his awesome practice! He says, “Mom, you can’t talk to people at the arena when I’m skating. You’re just suppose to watch me!” My initial thought is, "Oh Dorian, you has no idea how much I watch you and how much strength and determination you gives me".

He’s out there falling down and missing the goal. He is totally outside his comfort zone but he does NOT give up. He pops back up after falling down with a SMILE on his face! He’s got his buddies by his side. He’s having a blast out there! I love watching him put his heart and soul into this sport.

What I found so inspiring is his passion for hockey gives him the tunnel vision to never give up. He doesn’t even seem phased by the fact that he hasn’t mastered each obstacle. He’s so focused on being the best he can and always trying to make improvements. He doesn’t let it get him down. He has never once made a comment about any other kids ability, which I think is amazing. He is only measuring against himself. And you know, he is dam proud of himself every time we leave the arena. His confidence (and his comments about being hungry...) are soaring!

He forces me to stop working and to get back to basics. I have my hands in a lot of different business. It takes a ton of mental energy to balance them all. People are constantly asking me how as a single mom can I juggle 5 companies with a crazy hockey schedule? The answer is simple- “how can I not?!” Dorian shows me what it takes for me to keep taking risks and pushing myself professionally and personally. He shows how quickly you can see results if you have a singular focus on achieving your goals. He is my daily inspiration. It is through freezing my ass off in an ice arena a couple times a week that for the first time in a long time feel re-energized!

Do you have any advice for me? Tell me in the comments below!

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