• Lisa Liberatore

Maximizing Moments

After another day that seemed to fly by, I found myself caught in a moment - thinking about how I hadn't known much about my son's day. We were in the car on the way home. This was a moment we could both zone out and listen to the radio while watching the road - but I had a thought about how moments are so fleeting, and I decided to maximize this moment.

First, instead of turning on radio when we get in the car like he requests- I decided to become intentional with this time - there's lite music on the radio playing softly, and I ask him how his day is. Now, you can imagine how easy it must be to pull info out of a 5 year old boy who wants to listen to music - he too has had a super busy day.

I give him some time to settle in, then I begin to ask him probing questions, so he can relax and enjoy the conversation. I am intentionally getting to know him as he is developing his personality, letting go of the "strict parent who gets to hockey and other events on time". We have the moments just the two of us and its hard - it takes conscious efforts, and some weeks I do it better than others. I urge you to think about how much time you spend meaningfully bonding with your time and I challenge you to maximize this time.

Share your ideas in the comments below- what is one way you can maximize your moments? #PowerofTransparency




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