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"Transparency is something that gets lost in the entrepreneurial world and should be valued by any entrepreneur.

This book is not just for moms but a great read for any budding entrepreneur!"

Justin Hafner, CEO & Co-Founder, KinoTek, LLC

Lisa’s story is raw, genuine, and relatable. As a working mom with a traveling husband, I often feel that I struggle with balancing it all - reading Lisa’s story reminds me that Im not alone in juggling. Her ability to remain upbeat when faced with challenges is certainly and inspiration! I’m going to recommend we read the Power of Transparency for my next book club read. A quick read that really stays with you!


-Amy Smith, Client Service Coordinator at Bangor Savings Bank

The Power of Transparency is inspiring and induces. It makes you think critically about how often you put on a façade, rather than being honest and real with the people you encounter, and how that effects our own life experience as well as the way it effects the people we are interacting with. I am a huge fan! This is a must read for anyone - as an entrepreneur I believe it will break the social expectation of wearing a game face all the time, and for really anyone, I believe the Power of Transparency can enrich your relationships and deepen your personal connections. 


-Eliza Butler, Owner of Specialty Sweets

I was so encouraged by Lisa’s positive energy in describing the hectic life of a working mom in this book. She gives the reader the feeling of empowerment. I’m not a business owner but I’m a working mom who works countless hours a week. I could relate to a lot of the messages in the book about leading and building a better team and how personal relationships really impact the overall effectiveness of the team. Her way of relating to the reader makes you feel like you can go out and tackle the world, creating and working on a dream of your own. Lisa’s story makes you think outside the box, and that’s always exciting, especially when raising young children, specifically young girls, who look up to their hard working moms!


-Nikki Brissette, Manager of Kohl’s

The Power of Transparency is a book that sticks with you; it is both inspiring and challenging. Lisa’s powerful personality explodes on the pages; this book reads as advice from a close friend: encouraging you pushing you to reach your potential, and lifting you up. In a world of sanctimommies, round the clock deadlines, and Pinterest perfection, this book is refreshing. 


Lisa’s perspective and focus on balance- that push to grab life and make it yours while knowing when to ask for help and how to build your tribe - is relevant and energizing. As a working mom - though well outside the entrepreneurial world - this book was the motivating, funny, fast read I needed to re-center, push further, and kick back. A must read for all busy moms!


-Katie Brydon, Director of Programs for Best Buddies International

"Lisa gave me the courage to start my candle business.  So, when her son Dorian wanted to find way to get more snacks to kids who don't have them, I was honored to get involved.


Within a few weeks, we had put together a fundraiser with a custom designed D-Max candle to sell.  Lisa was there alongside Dorian, helping him DO the thing that he wanted to do.  


Together, they're making an amazing path for his future, and the future of people everywhere." 


- Sara Luciano, Witchy Decor

As an educator, not a business owner, this book still spoke to me. It’s jam-packed with relatable information and situations, not only for a parent, but also for any person striving to achieve a better self - financially, socially, and personally. You will find yourself applying her advice in your everyday life and reaping the rewards, as I have already. Between her blunt, tell-it-like-it-is style, first-hand experience, and wisdom passed down from previous generations, Lisa will have you laughing and learning all at the same time. 


-Nikki Goss, Teacher

"When you are ready to make the most important commitment of your life- travel to the junction of success, creativity, and leadership- Lisa will be there and is ready to guide on your journey.  Her Power of Transparency is the manifest of her unlimited energy in providing us all with the tools to make use where we need to go."


- Hugh Stevens

Director, Harvey Najim Center for Business Innovation & Corporate Social Responsibility, St. Mary's University

If the Mommy-Wars are a disease, then the Power of Transparency is the cure. Motherhood can feel like a never-ending labyrinth of guilt, shame, and isolation- and for those mothers who are also business-minded and career focused, the pressure and daily struggles can at times be crippling. The upside is that these daily struggles are interspersed with a love so deep and amazing that we are able to soldier on.


What we learn in the Power of Transparency is that we are deserving of so much more than simply “soldiering on.” We deserve, and our children deserve, more than just a mother who is surviving childhood; We all deserve mothers who are thriving in childhood. The Power of Transparency is a frank, hilarious, and touching glimpse into the life of one mom who knows that it is alright to play hard, work hard, love hard, and fail hard - and it is alright to throw caution (and the Mommy-Wars) into the wind and just live your life authentically for you and your children.


-Audrey Slade, Members Services of The Training Fund

"Reading The Power of Transparency was just a series of one "Ah-Ha Moment" after another!. More than anything Lisa shows that if you are smart, capable, and driven, you are probably the main thing holding you back. The sky is the limit for fearless and focused mamas, and we don't need to have all the answers in order to be successful.


I'm feeling motivated and energized, and eager to see what can happen if I lean on other women who are doing work differently, and working to be the best mom and provider they can be for their family."          -Emerald Forcier

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