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You are not alone.


Lisa walks you through her experiences navigating chaos.  

This workbook quickly and easily identifies the most important steps to take to manage yourself and your business through this crisis.

A guide to problem-solving the unknown

“Crisis requires you to act quickly without much time for thought but also requires you to prioritize key stabilizing efforts that set you up for the best chance of survival in the long term. This easy to use, yet impactful, workbook helps you quickly determine what areas to prioritize as you make your way through the crisis. The best part is, it's not a one and done workbook, it's designed to be easily revisited so your response plan, and eventually your recovery plan, can change and adapt as the crisis does.

If you're feeling paralyzed, lost, or confused when it comes to figuring out how your business is going to survive this crisis then this workbook is for you.”

- Ashleigh Briggs
Ashleigh Briggs Consulting, Certified Business Advisor

Interview with Christie Turley- The 7 Pillars of Navigating a Crisis 



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