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The unique paths to entrepreneurship

The beautiful thing about entrepreneurship is everyone comes to it with their own story, which is as unique as their DNA.  From the inventor that never went to college but has a lifetime of tails to the biomedical engineer to ex-corporate executive, they all found themselves with the new title “Entrepreneur”.  I love working with them because they have risked it ALL for their dreams. They have the confidence and knowledge to make those odds work in their favor.

One trait I admire most in entrepreneurs is their ability to defer judgement. Entrepreneurs understand that when you present a thought, it isn’t going to be polished.  It is a raw vision that needs to be shaped with lots of conversations. It peaks their curiosity and the questions start flowing. They challenge your business model and try to show you your weaknesses- not to tear you down but to make sure that when you avoid mistakes and increase your odds of success.  These are the people that will be there when the party ends and it’s time for clean up. They will celebrate your success and also be there to pat you on your back when things didn’t go as planned. They’ll buy you a beer and start brainstorming the next great idea. Those are my people! Let me know if you’d like to join my community.

*Lisa with the Scratchpad Accelerator cohort 2019. These entrepreneurs are the real deal! They are not only changing Maines economy but they’re making the world a better place. They’re solving complex problems and doing it with humility and grace. Honored to know them and can’t wait to watch them take the world by storm!

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