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Short Circuiting Mommy Guilt

"I don't think anyone could ever critic me more severely than the way I viciously criticize myself." -Unknown

I got done work with two hours to spare before daycare closed. My brain starts playing out my options: I could go pick up Dorian or I could go aimlessly browse the aisles of Target. It's a decision I used to struggle with often but have found it really wasn’t a dilemma. The answer is an obvious YES go shopping or take the time to enjoy happy hour with friends!!

Before I arrived at this decision, I’d go to his daycare picturing him rushing to greet with me, arms opened wide and a huge smile on his face. I was clearly living in a fantasy world because he would tell me to go to work and come back later. He was still playing with his friends and didn't want to leave. I might have been done by day but he wasn’t done his. This scenario had to play out a dozen times before it sunk in that he had a routine and schedule and did NOT want to have it disrupted.

I would tell him that we were leaving and in order to avoid a total meltdown would promise a special treat to lessen the disappointment of leaving early. To be completely honest those extra hours with him resulted in me being burnt out and not the most calming person at bedtime.

So now I take those precious hours and do something for me! I pick him up feeling recharged and he's had a blast with his buds. It's the win/win I am always looking to achieve.

Takeaway: Let go of any mommy guilt you have and savor the work/life free time! It is a rare occasion that should treasured.

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