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Living Transparently During a Crisis

My family!

I try to live my life with transparency but there comes a point when I needed to have some privacy as my personal life was shifting dramatically.

I am fortunate to have four separate and distinct sources of support: the business community, a network of social connections, my close personal friends, and my family. This broad base helps me achieve success in all areas of my life.

The level of connection I have with someone determines which version of my story I’m willing to share, particularly around the events of my divorce. I didn't want to be caught off guard or left feeling exposed. It’s difficult enough navigating stressful situations in your personal or business life, let alone being confronted by an inquiry and not knowing what to say to whom. I make it a priority to consider in advance the degree of information I’m prepared to disclose.

My business community (including my customers) is a great resource for bouncing ideas off of others or discussing economic development and civic related matters. I always feel reenergized after a meeting with them, and I often learn something new or expand my skill set.

I am lucky to have a diverse network of social connections. The depth of relationship I have with my acquaintances is a little different than what I have with customers or friends - it’s more superficial. We rely on each other when someone needs something, but we’re not often in touch.

My closest personal friends are the people I reach out to when things are the worst - and when they’re the best!

Finally, I am blessed to have an amazingly intense, closely knit family. They have my back no matter the time of day. When my personal life continued to crumble before my eyes, I needed the support of my family most of all.

Takeaway: Recognize the different groups of people in your life and consider how much of the story you want to tell. It is perfectly ok to keep it high level but I always recommend at least acknowledging the situation to your outer circles when asked. This is your opportunity to do some PR damage control! Tell the story you want told or someone else will and you might not like it!

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