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Procrastination - A Blessing or Curse?

"Procastination is a sign of a perfectionist." - Patrick J. Kennedy

Anyone that knows me would be surprised to know that I consider myself a procrastinator. What would not surprise them is that I consistently take on many projects that can be conceived as too much, but I'll let you in on my little secret. I move quickly and seem to always be generating ideas and executing tasks, but I intentionally juggle a ton of things so that I can always have the choice to procrastinate when I need to.

I recently read this article and, I embody the very definition of a procrastianator, BUT it's a controlled environment, and being able to control it is a skilled I have learned and you can too!

"It all starts with a simple choice between working now on a given project and doing anything else: working on a different project, doing something fun or doing nothing at all."

Where's my crown because I'm queen of that!?!

This balancing act is the way I function best. When I have my focus on something, there is no putting it off. But when the focus isn't there, I know that I can put it on the shelf and work on something that will still keep me moving towards my goals.

Don't we all usually wake up on a mission? As soon as our feet hit the ground, we are running full speed. It is amazing how much we can accomplish when we decide that we want a crock pot dinner, and a clean house when we come home from a busy day at work. Of course, we need to fit it in on top of getting ourselves and our kiddos ready for the day, which is a feat by itself. Have you noticed that it's the days that we are running around like maniacs, cleaning and getting dinner prepped that the kids steps up their game and we leave the house on time.

As for Dorian, he gets himself ready and proudly asks, "Aren't you proud of me for doing my job so well today?!" I reply, "it is a pretty awesome feeling isn't it? We're officially ready to kick ass for the day! Nice work, D! " The mornings I procrastinate I find myself frustrated with how slowly we both get ready. How much nagging I need to do to get even the most basic tasks done like simply eating breakfast or getting dressed.

In short, if it works for you- OWN IT! Be proud of the "dirty" word procrastination and the way you allow yourself to manage your time.

Lessons: You know when you lie down and think back over your day that involved kids, work, meetings, cooking, cleaning, communicating.....wonder how the hell did you survive?! Smile and proclaim loudly, "Dam, I'm good at procrastinating!"

In the spirit of transparency, I was inspired to write this blog because I should be writing my speech for the University of Maine's Graduate Commemencement Ceremony where I am the keynote speaker. I "justify" this blog because I have needed to put more blogs out so now I have no excuses. I am off to write this speech. Stay tuned for my thoughts of that process.

I'd love to hear to your thoughts and experiences! Share what's worked for you in the comments below, or use #PowerofTransparency on IG so our readers can relate!

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