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Working Through the Pain

This morning while Dorian and I were taking out the recycling, I fell and heard a pop. I knew immediately the chances of me bouncing up were slim. I lay there for a few minutes as I feel the pain radiate throughout my body and process my son's face in absolute shock that his mom is laying on the ground.

I immediately starting assessing all the things I had to do today and what would need to be adjusted. I immediately crossed off a trip to BJ's to get supplies for CoVort that was scheduled for later. But I had promised Dorian he could ride his bike and I assured myself that I could always sit on a bench with an ice pack and watch him ride.

I managed to hold back my tears and get myself onto the couch. I asked Dorian to use his monkey moves to get me an ice pack from the freezer. After some scurrying around, he arrives with not only what was requested but also a glass of water and his Batman plate. He thought the plate should be under my foot. I started to say no but he had such a concerned look on his face that I put the plate under my foot and thanked him for his great idea!

He then disappears upstairs to get me the infamous Max that explored NYC with me (see story below). He sits down on the other couch and said, "So I guess we aren't going to be able to ride bikes this morning." It broke my heart to let him down but the pain I was experiencing made saying "no" easier. My modified schedule I had made while laying on the ground was getting another revision.

I managed to drop him off at daycare and knew I needed to seek medical attention. I was determined to get myself to the hospital. So far, I had managed to do it all myself and the hospital was only a few miles away.

I was sitting at a stop light, proud of myself for not asking for help when everything started to get blurry. I felt sick to my stomach and started to shake. I managed to make it through the intersection and barely pulled off the road when everything went black. My breathing was erratic and the throbbing was more than I could bare.

I had texted Jason, my business partner to give him a heads up that I had hurt myself earlier. As much as I hated asking for help, I called him because it was not safe to attempt to drive at this point.

After arriving at the hospital, I thanked Jason for the ride and told I was fine and to get back to work. There was no convincing him of leaving so instead of dwelling on the absolute pain I was in, I suggested we get to work on a project.

We had a lot of work to do so if he wasn't going to leave then we should be productive! He pulled out his phone and we spent the following 2 hours creating a budget and setting up meetings with key stakeholders.

The x-rays revealed it wasn't a break but I did badly sprain it and pull ligaments. I will be rocking an air cast for the next few weeks. After I was discharged, we went back to office to continue our day.

The Max Story!


Know when to ask for help

When help is offered, accept it.

Make the most of the waiting room time

When your son offers a plate for your foot, take it!

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