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An Unlikely Outcome: How a high schooler impacted my business!

“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.”― Albert Einstein

Everyone has a story, passions, and expertise. It might not appear obvious by the way they are dressed or the job title they hold. That's what makes getting to know people so much fun. If you can get over stereotyping and truly see each person as someone who possesses something unique and wonderful, you will have so many doors open for you.

I was fortunate enough to give Courtney, a 15-year-old high school student, her first job. She was smart, confident and most of all a hard worker dedicated to making my little burrito shop in her hometown successful. She stayed with me for more than 4 years. She wasn't afraid to speak up and offer great insight into ways to better run the business, whom to hire and fire, menu ideas and social media strategy. A high school student was telling me how to improve my business and I absorbed every bit of it. She is a huge reason the business has grown.

When I had an opportunity to go to Bangor to run Scratchpad, the first seed accelerator north of Boston, Courtney, who was in college at this point, took over my role. She was going to Thomas College focusing on business and marketing. I gave her the freedom to apply her knowledge to my business and try new things. She would report back on the results and became one of my trusted advisors.

In fact, when I would check in on the business, I'd find out from other employees they liked how things were running BETTER with me gone. She has since graduated college and is the Marketing & Communications Officer at LincolnHealth. I am eternally grateful for her dedication and belief in my vision.

Takeaway: Get to know everyone you can. Find their uniqueness. And most importantly, try to learn from them.

To read more about Courtney and my journey as a business owner pre-order your book today!

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