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Small town girl takes on the BIG city

I printed 20 copies of my uncorrected proof of Power of Transparency for Book Con . When I went to pick them up I was shocked and excited to find out their customer service rep told me she was keeping a copy because "it was a page turner". She laughed as she told me, "my kids asked me if I was going to put the book down at dinner but I just couldn't! I could totally relate to everything in the book."

As I venture into the big city to promote my book, I am aiming to connect with reviewers and publishers. I am nervous to see how I compare to the other authors that are going to be there. I know I wrote this book from the heart and it will always be MY story. I am proud of my journey and know the people of Bangor and the state of Maine will support me. I just wonder what the rest of the country will think.

If you are at Book Con- message me on instagram! Let's meet up and chat!

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