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A Simple Yet Challenging Cure to Anxiety

Motherhood has taught me the meaning of living in the moment and being at peace. Children don’t think about yesterday, and they don’t think about tomorrow. They just exist in the moment.- Jessalyn Gilsig

I've read it a million times, "Be in the moment". I'll be the first to admit this is easier said than done. It takes a lot of practice but the reduction in anxiety I have felt was worth the effort!

As a single mom when Dorian gets sick, my whole schedule magically gets cleared and I am home attending to him. I used to try to work from home essentially ignoring him. If I wasn't working, I would be obsessing over how many things I was missing and will have to make up.

I wasn't present when I was with home with him. There came a point (usually on day 2 of being home) where the anxiety of missing work was taking its toll on me. I found myself frustrated that he was sick and messing up my life. I couldn't believe I was thinking that and decided I needed to change!

The reality is I always went back to work and crushed it. I came back with a vengeance and it was like I hadn't missed a beat. Life always gets backs on track after a little detour.

All of the worry wasn't productive! I theoretically knew this but I needed to internalize it. After I did and he wanted me to cuddle in bed and watch a movie, I was excited and didn't have that guilt. We laughed and took naps together.

As exhausting and demanding as a sick kid can be, I found that time to be special. That shift in thinking has made being home with a sick kid an easier pill to swallow. After all, it's not often that my scheduled is completely clear and I "have" to stay home with my son.

Takeaway: I don't always feel the anxiety of juggling multiple things but when it starts to creep up, I put away my phone and focus on being in the moment. It takes a conscious effort and a lot of practice.

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