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It Ain't Perfect But Neither Am I

Strive for continious improvement, instead of perfection. Kim Collins

If I have an idea and it seems like a reasonable one I go with it. That's how all of my businesses have started. My secret to starting, building and successfully exiting is in my ability to accept that it's not perfect but I gave it my best shot with the resources that were available.

As I creep towards releasing this book, I've built a website, started a blog, podcast and learned the ins and outs of the publishing world. You'll probably find typos and my graphic design isn't amazing but when I look at my work, I'm proud of what I've accomplished. I got it done! I pushed my comfort zone and learned something new. I took my dream and made it a reality. That is something not every person does and I am proud of that.

Perfection is not my goal and as a result I am free to enjoy the experience of learning. It's not this stressful thing that has to be done right. It just has to be ok.

I wasn't always this way. As a kid, I worried so much about perfection. My parents taught me to accept that my best effort and feeling proud of my work is more important than perfection. My dad would say, “There's a saying, “What do you call the last in the class of medical school? A doctor!”

Takeaway: You don’t need to hire out everything when you think about starting a business or expanding. Most things can taught at a basic level through youtube, friends or adult ed classes. Don’t let yourself get stressed that your website doesn’t look as fancy as others. You’ll get there! Take pride in the fact you did something you didn't know how to do before. Always push your limits and you'll be blown away with what you can achieve!

*This picture was taken in CoVort. I learned how to use power tools, build walls, hang insulation and sheetrock.

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