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Messes are the Perfect Accessory

It’s all mess: The Hair. The Bed. The Words. The Heart. Life. . - William Leal

There were days when Dorian would be sleeping so I’d take a quick shower, put on clean, “real” clothes, and take the time to put some makeup on- all while in disbelief thinking, “he is still sleeping, why can’t he do this at night?!”

I take a moment to look at myself in the mirror and can’t believe my reflection. I looked like my “pre-mom” self again. I am not covered in puke or other baby bodily fluids, my hair isn’t thrown in a ponytail and for a moment, I look and feel refreshed.

Sure enough that moment of quiet is interrupted with the sounds of a groggy, hungry baby. I look at the clock and the panic sets in. While I enjoyed the moment of solitude, But now I need to hurry up, breastfeed him and get to work.

Even with a burp rag that is the size of my body, Dorian still manages to cover my clean shirt with spit up. I laugh to myself thinking, "there goes that “pre-mom” moment".

I do my best to clean it but ultimately decide to own it and walk out the door with puke on my shirt. I know it isn’t the last time it will happen today.

There is no point in trying to pretend I had it all together. I considered it a victory that I managed to make it to work on time.

Take away: Life is messy especially when you’re a mom and a business owner so the sooner you realize that and you let the two come together harmoniously the better off you will be.

Next time you see a woman with puke stains on her clothes, tell her she’s beautiful and those stains make her even more radiant!

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