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Accepting Criticism

“Accept criticism. If you do not offer your work for criticism and accept that criticism, meaning give it serious thought and attention, then you will never improve.” -Theodora Gass

My friend Tobias is a successful business owner who inspired me to start my venture. On opening day of my restaurant, he watched my dream become a reality as he gave me a hug and said congratulations. He took a seat in the window and watched me scramble around the kitchen trying to look like I knew what I was doing.

After the frenzy died down, Tobias proceeded to tell me how to improve. His comments stung. I was proud of myself for surviving my first lunch rush and was looking for praise! I kept my mouth shut and let him talk.

I had been cooking in the kitchen, but he explained that I could better build my brand by greeting guests in the dining room. He said my warm smile was what people needed to see when they first walked in. He was right and I immediately implemented his suggestions.


  • Be the face of your business

  • Don't immediately take feedback as negative criticism. Understand that it's meant to help you and is not a personal attack. There is always room for growth, but you have to allow it to start.

  • If someone you trust doesn’t offer you feedback, ask for it!

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