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We don’t spend enough time saying positive and uplifting things to each other. It always amazes me how many people focus on what needs to be fixed or is flawed. What we need most as moms and business owners is to be there for each other. Before we can do that we need to take care of ourselves.

Self care is important. Make sure you are giving yourself as much praise and love as you can before you give to everyone else. Be kind to yourself and others. For me, it has always been easier to give praise and love to others and not necessarily myself.

One morning, I called a friend, totally overwhelmed and on the verge of tears. I was clearly at the end of my rope and needed to vent. She gave me permission in that call to do something I KNOW I needed to do but I wasn’t allowing myself.

She said, “You need take care of yourself, Lisa! Screw everything. If you fall apart, there is nothing left. You are keeping it all together. Can you please do me a favor and go to Starbucks right now? Get your favorite drink, sit down and focus on enjoying it”.

She was right. She was sending me to “mommy timeout”. By the end of my latte, I was able to see the positive in life again. I went back to work and made sure to give myself some slack today.

Takeaway: If you see a friend who is struggling, send them to “mommy timeout!” Love yourself and know when to send yourself in timeout!

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