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Episode 1- Meet us! - Lisa & Kat
Epidsode 2- Not Sorry! - Lisa & Kat

Podcasts with Kat Petersen

I am so excited to do a podcast with Kat.  I met her at my coworking space, CoVort.  


We clicked as soon as we met.  We are both energetic, single moms that bonded over the work/life balance.  


She has taught me so much about social media and how to take time for myself.  I've taught her how to stop waiting for things to be perfect and just do it.  To learn more about Kat, check out her website, Mainely Online.


 We're excited to have you join our conversation about motherhood, being a business owner/employee and relationships.

Episode 3-Mother's Day - Lisa & Kat
Episode 4- Eliza, Speciality Sweets - Lisa & Kat
Episode 5 Jessica King - Lisa & Kat
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